Commercial Cleaning

At Zippy, it is our highest priority to ensure that our clients’ property is looking its best at all times. Therefore, we tailor cleaning services and specifications to each individual site and client. By choosing Zippy, you can rest assured that all of the small details and finishes have been accounted for and a quality service is guaranteed.

The premises that we service are diverse in nature, thus requiring us to provide a diverse range of services to accommodate each sites' requirements. The general cleaning services that we provide range from vacuuming or mopping floors, dusting and emptying of bins through to lift and escalator cleaning and dishwashing services.

At the commencement of contract, we will discuss your requirements with you and compile a detailed set of specifications for your site. Over the course of the contract, any amendments can be discussed with your Client Services Manager and the specifications will be updated. These specifications are provided to cleaning staff and are available to them and the client on site. The cleaning specifications are an integral part of the site induction process for staff and also form the basis for site inspections throughout the term of the contract.

To provide these services, we have a range of options for the environmentally astute client including chemical free cleaning or the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products that are GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) accredited. 

We are also able to schedule more specialised services such as periodical services, waste management and recycling or hygiene and sanitation services should your site require them.


We cater to a variety of industries across South Australia and the Northern Territory; including federal, state and local Government departments, health centres and aged care facilities, education facilities and commercial property both big and small.