Our Company

Zippy Cleaning & Maintenance Services has been providing commercial cleaning and maintenance solutions to corporate and government clients since 1985. Over 100 sites across South Australia and the Northern Territory now benefit from our collaborative & innovative approach to cleaning – from CBD high-rises and medical facilities to remote industrial facilities.

Our Vision is

“To be a respected organisation that fosters growth, nurtures our committed team and exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our Mission is

“To provide exceptional services to our clients driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of our valued and respected team.”

Our Core Values are

  • Respect for people: “Giving due respect to staff and clients whilst maintaining an environment of teamwork and support”
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation: “Encourage the communication of creative ideas within the organisation that help make the difference”
  • Community: “A sense of responsibility and contribution to society”
  • Commitment: “Maintain a healthy life balance and share in the team’s successes”

We are committed to sustainability and our standard procedures include the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and responsible waste management practices. Furthermore, we are the first commercial cleaning company in South Australia and the Northern Territory to offer Stabilised Aqueous Ozone technology, allowing us to offer chemical free commercial cleaning services to all industries. Read more about our commitment to the environment…

We tailor our services for each client, allowing us to deliver innovative solutions, exceptional cleanliness and an unparalleled level of service whether scheduled or urgent. Zippy is a family owned and operated business, not a franchise; we take responsibility for ensuring total customer satisfaction. Read more about our commitment to quality…

We directly employ all of our cleaning staff and recognise that they are our biggest resource and asset. Training, support and guidance are continually provided to develop skills and foster a highly professional team. We are unequivocally committed to workplace safety and encourage a healthy work-life balance. Read more about our commitment to a safe workplace…

Our dedicated, proactive Client Services Managers are pivotal to the relationship we have with our clients. They ensure that our cleaning staff understand site specific cleaning requirements and will implement training where required.

At Head Office, our Executive Management Team is responsible for the formulation and implementation of strategic and operational initiatives, monitoring organisational performance to ensure that services exceed client expectations.

Our safety, environmental and quality management systems enable us to provide services in numerous locations whilst ensuring a consistent approach in all that we do. We are certified in ISO 9001 (Quality), 4801 (Safety) and 14001 (Environmental) Australian Standards. We are also the only cleaning company in Australia that is GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified (restricted to South Australia).

South Australian Based and Delivered

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Our business supports the Industry Advocate’s SA Product and Services initiative.

Commercial Cleaning

We tailor our commercial cleaning services to a variety of industries across South Australia and the Northern Territory; including federal, state and local Government departments, health centres and aged care facilities, education facilities, corporate office buildings, and commercial properties, both big and small.