Our Frontline Managers

Our professional Client Services Managers are pivotal to the management of our client relationships and the provision of our commercial cleaning services. They provide a consistent point of contact and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Frontline Managers work closely with our cleaning professionals to ensure that specific client requirements are clearly understood and any required training is provided. Our Frontline Managers will regularly visit your site to review the quality and efficiency of the cleaning and ensure that the service exceeds expectations.

Throughout our partnership, site inspections are conducted regularly by the Frontline Managers, with the client, to allow for immediate and effective feedback.

Meet our Frontline Managers…

Brian Burgan

Brian BurganSA Senior Client Services Manager


Brian joined the Zippy team in July 2019, bringing with him extensive cleaning industry knowledge through his experience in cleaning services, and Contract Management of Federal, State and Local Government Levels, Corporate Private Sectors.

Brian has completed qualification Certificate 4 Frontline Management focused in Business Administration, Management and Operations. As with all of our Client Services Managers, Brian is also certified in Senior First Aid.

In his role as Senior Client Services Manager, Brian is committed to his clients and staff, and strongly believes in positive outcomes.

Debbie Cocks

Debbie CocksSA Senior Client Services Manager


Debbie joined the Zippy family in August 2008 following employment in a number of similar roles within the hospitality and facilities management industries. During her impressive 28 years of working in the facilities management industry, Debbie has held multiple positions at all levels from cleaner to supervisor and then Manager.

Throughout her career, Debbie has gained multiple qualifications including Frontline Management, Certificate III Cleaning and Maintenance and Certificate IV Cleaning and Maintenance. As with all of our Client Services Managers, Debbie is also certified in Basic First Aid.

In her role as Client Services Manager, Debbie enjoys meeting new clients and staff. She also enjoys training new employees and plays an important mentor role to her existing staff.

Juliana Garcia

Juliana GarciaFacilities Manager, Health and Aged Care


Juliana Garcia migrated to Melbourne from Brazil in 2009 and started her career as a part-time cleaner. She proved to be an efficient employee with a positive attitude and the motivation to progress and learn the all that she could in the cleaning industry.

Juliana eventually moved to Adelaide and joined our Client Service Manager team at Zippy in 2018. Her previous experience as Site Supervisor and Manager has helped her to develop the strong skills and knowledge of the cleaning industry that she has today. Juliana prides herself in always maintaining sites to the highest of standards.

As with all of our Client Services Managers, Juliana is also certified in Basic First Aid.

Danushka Kankanamge

Danushka KankanamgeNT Client Services Manager


Danushka Karunaratne (Dann) is an area supervisor at Zippy cleaning, with experience in cleaning and supervising for nearly 7 years. He has completed his academic education in the field of information technology and management by completing diploma and higher diploma. His background in cleaning industry and management field informs his mindful and competitive approach. Dann is powered by his passion for understanding extensive knowledge of successful cleaning crew management, understanding of safety, sanitation standards, guidelines and strong dedication to enforcement of company policies. He considers himself an ‘excellent team leader’ eager to build both interpersonal and oral communication skills with people at all levels, and client-focused to ensures cleaning crews deliver good service.

His hunger for determination and enhance the skills has contributed him for most recent success at Zippy cleaning as area supervisor. His recent role as an area supervisor clearly demonstrate his effective strategies in using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems. Dann believes mindfulness in the workplace is key to success. His positive relationship with his staff and clients helped him to have a good mutual understanding with staff and better social network.

Raine Karpany

Raine KarpanySA Client Services Manager


More details to follow soon!

Javier Paras

Javier ParasNT Client Services Manager


Javier joined the Zippy team in January, 2021.

He has brought with him extensive experience in management specialising in the fields of Tourism, Health Insurance, Hotel and Restaurant, and Retail.

His competitive nature has brought him to taking on the challenge of specialising in yet another industry, the cleaning and maintenance industry.

Javier is an outgoing people person who enjoys dealing with clients and managing staff needs on a day-to-day. He believes that success is driven by hardwork and dedication.

His ability to learn fast topped with a charismatic nature makes him an unstoppable force in his role as Client Services Manager in the Northern Territory.

Bikram Pokharel

Bikram PokharelKatherine Area Supervisor


Bikram joined the Zippy team in November 2019 following the roles within the cleaning industry ranging from cleaner to supervisor and site manager over the last 5 years. He has experience of working with educational facilities, Sydney’s largest transport sites, corporate offices and government departments.

Throughout his career, he has participated in a handful of development training that has greatly developed his cleaning industry knowledge. Bikram is also certified in Chemical handling ,OHS, sharp handling ,and Attitude & leadership management.

In his various roles within the cleaning Industry he enjoys working closely with his staff and mentoring them to do the best that they can. He likes to lead the team by setting an example as well as building collaborative relationships with his existing clients, meeting new clients and managing Zippy's regional and remote sites.

Wilhelmina Vigilante

Wilhelmina VigilanteSA Client Services Manager


Wilhelmina joined the Zippy family in February 2011 as a Client Services Manager following previous supervisory and management roles in retail and industrial business.

Wilhelmina has completed Certificate III in Cleaning Operations and Certificate IV in Cleaning Management as well as ‘Train the Trainer’ which is particularly useful for training or re-training cleaning staff – a very important aspect of her role. As with all of our Client Services Managers, Wilhelmina is also certified in Basic First Aid.

In her role as Client Services Manager, Wilhelmina enjoys interacting with her clients and cleaning staff and experiencing their appreciation for the results that she achieves.

Dedicated To Quality

Our Frontline Managers are our guardians of quality. They provide dedicated support to our clients and ensure their commercial cleaning services are being carried out professionally, safely, and to the desired standard. Regular and open communication with our clients has been integral to our success.