Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Contract Management Technology

Innovation is an important aspect of our business and is part of our Company mission. Zippy consistently seeks innovative commercial cleaning solutions not only for the products and procedures that allow our services to be provided, but also for the way that we communicate results back to our clients and manage the services that we provide.

Our Client Services Managers are equipped with tablet technology that is connected to our Contract Management System, Templa CMS. This in-depth (Cleaning Industry specific) software not only allows us to effectively manage the cleaning and maintenance services and products that each client requires (including a flow-through to our finance and payroll systems), but also allows for instant access to this important client information whilst out of the office, on site.

Templa CMS also allows our Client Services Managers to digitally complete Site Audits including Site Inspections and Risk Assessments. The use of tablet technology enables the Managers to incorporate images in to the inspections so that any issues are recorded within the inspection report itself. Furthermore, copies of the inspections are able to be emailed directly to the client upon completion in real time, ensuring that the information is communicated instantly.

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The most recent addition to our software suite has been the implementation of Time and Attendance software which is connected to the Templa CMS software. Our commercial cleaning staff are able to check in and out of their worksites using our Time and Attendance app on their smartphones. The software allows our Client Services Managers to identify when cleaning staff are on site and more importantly it provides workplace health and safety benefits in knowing that our cleaners are arriving and leaving their shifts safely. If an incident were to occur, the software will allow us to identify this and render assistance quickly.

We continue to research and implement innovative technology solutions that assist our corporate and cleaning employees to work as effectively as possible. At present, we are working on a number of technology projects both within the Templa CMS system and other platforms including moving all of our Company Documentation to digital format so that staff are able to complete and submit forms electronically. Not only does this improve procedures from an efficiency perspective, but it also contributes towards our environmental and sustainability goals through the ceasing of paper documentation and forms.

Innovation In Service

Innovative technology is central to our maintenance and commercial cleaning services. We invest in technological tools that enable our staff to provide the best possible service and communication to our clients.