Builders Cleaning and Construction Site Cleans

The construction of a new home or commercial building is a messy, dusty process that sees the accumulation of a lot of rubbish, debris and scrap materials, and indoor allergens. The Zippy Cleaning team has many years of proven experience in providing flexible and efficient builders cleans and construction cleaning services to clients undertaking the construction of new homes and residential facilities, shopping centres and shop fit-outs, hotels and refurbishments, warehouses, offices, industrial buildings and other commercial centres.

We can tailor a solution of building and construction site cleaning services to match with your building company’s plans. This ensures the best presentation of your new premises throughout construction, from the pre-build stage, to guaranteeing a sparkling result when you reach building project completion and are ready to move in or handover to your client.

Heavy Duty Construction Cleaning For All Building Sizes

Our cleaning staff understand the heavy duty needs and requirements of the construction industry, including work health and safety and occupational health and safety quality standards. All of our work is conducted with safe practises top-of-mind, and within legislative and compliance requirements. Safety clothing, permits, and documentation, that are required for larger construction projects, will be adhered to by our team.

Large construction sites sometimes need to cater for many hundreds of people and can include different facilities, … all with unique cleaning requirements. Foyers and entrance areas, toilets and washrooms (with mirrors and showers), lunchrooms, change rooms, crib huts, kitchens, warehouse space, lifts and escalators, carpark space and other outdoor areas, windows and more, can all benefit from the specialist services provided by Zippy Cleaning.

Smaller building sites receive the same detailed service, and we can tailor a cost-effective, specialised cleaning schedule to give your new site the professional touch.

Cleaning As You Go

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Cleaning at different stages during the construction process means all areas in and around the building site are kept neat and clean and, importantly, safe and hygienic for workers and visitors.

These building site maintenance cleans are an important part of the cleaning schedule for many of our construction site clients who oversee larger building projects spanning months or even years of construction. During this process, we can also complete a final builders clean of certain areas of the building project as required, so that the space can be occupied while other sections of the building works continue.

Before, During, And After Builders Cleans

After a pre-build clean to bring the construction site to a safe and hygienic standard before building works begin, our team can perform a builders clean to extract all the dust and rubbish that has accumulated throughout the site during the construction process. Builders cleaning is also often conducted during the closing stages of the build, prior to handover to the owners.

There are many cleaning tasks, and corresponding construction cleaning services, to be considered before a new building is ready for occupancy. This can include the proper removal and disposal of building debris and raw materials (including rubbish and leftover building materials), vacuuming and scrubbing of new flooring (to bring out its naturally beautiful surface), and wiping heavy dust from shelves, cupboards and surfaces, including those in office spaces and in bathrooms.

To give the building interior an inviting feel, there are several methods that we can employ during the clean, including pressure washing, steam cleaning, stripping and sealing, buffing, and stain removal. Our staff are fully trained and well-experienced in being able to choose the right application and products for the task at hand.

Following a builders cleaning, many clients opt to have a final clean carried out to ensure the entire building is ready for people to move in and set up their home or business. Every component of the property will be cleared and cleaned to guarantee the surroundings are neat and fresh, including the seemingly smaller jobs of wiping electrical appliances like fans and lights after installation, leaving windows and mirrors clear and sparkling, and removing obstructions from new guttering, if necessary.

Working To Your Construction Schedule

Whether you are looking for cleaning support for a particular stage of your building process, or having help at hand throughout the build and after completion, we can offer the perfect building site cleaning solution to meet your site’s requirements and have the whole space sparkling inside and out in readiness for its owners or occupants.

Call our Adelaide or Darwin office today to talk about how we can partner with you and your construction team to carry out expert and thorough builders cleaning of your construction site and new building... with a schedule that suits you best.

Cleaner Construction

Building is a messy, dusty business that requires specialist knowledge to clean up properly. Our professional team can help you maintain a cleaner construction site with tailored builders cleaning services to match your building company’s plans. Whether that be final site cleans or cleaning as you build, our commercial cleaning services are unmatched.

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