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The cleanliness and hygiene of your sporting, leisure or entertainment facility is important for promoting a professional impression of your business, attracting prospective patrons and encouraging satisfied customers to return and recommend the venue to family and friends.

Our team of trained and experienced cleaners and staff have the knowledge and equipment to work diligently in the background to ensure your facility is a healthy environment for visitors and staff. We understand that the cleaning requirements of your venue are unique, and we can tailor a program to your needs according to the size, type, and usage of your facility.

Kicking Goals In Cleanliness

Attending a sports or entertainment complex that is clean and well maintained adds to the enjoyment of the experience, but most people don’t consider how much time and effort goes into retaining the facility’s good presentation.

Leisure centres, gyms, sporting centres, stadiums, shopping centres, theme parks, cinemas, theatres, function centres, public parks, arcades and other entertainment complexes all cope with large capacities and a high volume of traffic and can quickly become unsanitary and dirty.

From the moment patrons enter the grounds of your property, we can help to uphold the appearance of your venue. Talk to us about arranging a cleaning program combining our specialised services to provide you with a great value all-inclusive package that matches the specifications of your site and your preferred scheduling. That way, you can be assured that we will take care of cleaning your facility inside and out, keeping it looking and operating at its best while you focus on the rest of your business.

Always Look Your Best

Pressure cleaning, machine sweeping, blower vacuuming, litter collecting, graffiti removal and window cleaning can be conducted outside, including using abseil if required to keep your premises sparkling.

Inside, we have the expertise in cleaning carpets and hard flooring of all types to keep the surface fresh and in good condition, no matter how heavy the foot traffic that walks through your venue on a regular basis. We will choose the most effective cleaning method, whether it be targeted stain removal, steam cleaning or hot water extraction, dry carpet cleaning, or encapsulation cleaning (using crystallising polymers to remove dirt and stains and prevent wicking). Regular cleaning of carpets and hard flooring is important to keep dust mites, grit, bacteria, allergens and odours under control, provide a healthy and hygienic environment, and to prolonging the life of the surface.

In addition to the flooring, we can keep your escalators and lifts, external steps and walkways, foyers and reception areas looking pleasant and inviting.

Visitors will feel welcome in your venue when the bathroom facilities are fresh and tidy. You can ‘set and forget’ the sanitation needs of your organisation and free yourself of the time-consuming task of cleaning and restocking your bathrooms by allowing us to manage the hygiene and safety of your wet areas. As well as thoroughly disinfecting the facilities, we can supply and service waste bins for feminine hygiene, nappies and sharps, and keep your bathrooms well stocked with paper consumables and hand-washing and sanitising products to suit a number of applications and settings.

Chemical-free infection control for venues

Did you know you can keep your venue hygienically clean without the use of chemicals? Our chemical cleaning system combines powerful water-based products and innovative technology to deliver a hospital-grade clean every time.

Using Stabilised Aqueous Ozone technology, you can convert regular tap water into a powerful cleaner and sanitiser, stronger than bleach and without any chemicals or odours. This system not only delivers a hygienic clean but is safe to use around people and is environmentally friendly.

Our water-based disinfectant, Nanocyn®, penetrates the entire room with microscopic droplets – covering surfaces, getting into air ducts, vents and cracks, and rapidly disinfecting walls, windows, floors, ceilings and fixtures. It leaves the entire area thoroughly disinfected to hospital-grade standard quickly and without any nasty toxins or smells.

This innovative chemical free cleaning system is effective against 99.999% of viruses and pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Keep your patrons, staff and business safe without nasty chemicals and odours.

Part Of The Team

The frequency of the commercial cleaning services we provide can be adapted to your requirements, from single deep cleans to weekly general cleans or daily services. Our staff can work during your opening hours to unobtrusively manage your cleaning services, being on hand to monitor potential hazards such as spills and emptying waste and recycling bins on a regular basis. Or, you can opt to have your cleaning conducted after hours or during quiet times to minimise disruption to your venue.

Call us today to talk to about how we can team up to keep your venue clean and in such great shape that visitors want to return again and again.

A Standing Ovation

Our team of trained and experienced commercial cleaning staff have what it takes to keep sports, leisure and entertainment venues hygienically clean. At Zippy, we take a tailored approach to venue cleaning because we know each venue has different cleaning and maintenance requirements. So, make sure your guests remember their experience at your venue for the right reasons, talk to Zippy about our venue cleaning services.

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