Cleaning of Government Sites

Zippy Cleaning has been providing commercial cleaning services to Local, State and Federal Government departments and agencies for over twenty years. Through our experience, we have gained a solid understanding of the unique challenges and issues these departments face when it comes to cleaning and maintenance services.

Complete Cleaning Services for Government

Zippy Cleaning offers a holistic service to government departments, including regular services and ad-hoc or specialised cleaning services.

Scheduled commercial cleaning services may include:

  • General day-to-day cleaning and disinfecting
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Bathroom hygiene and sanitation, including restocking consumables
  • General property maintenance, including outdoor areas

We understand that cleaning services for government clients may require out of the ordinary work. We offer a full suite of specialised cleaning services, including:

  • Pathological cleaning
  • Cleaning high and hard to reach places
  • Window cleaning
  • Hard floor maintenance, including vinyl strip and seal and timber polishing
  • Thorough carpet cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal & Prevention

Throughout our many years of experience in managing multi-site contracts, we have developed systematic cleaning schedules to ensure all our government customers receive consistently great service and unparalleled cleanliness. We regularly communicate with your Contracts and Facilities Administrators, and our Client Services Managers are always available to attend to any special requirements.

Proven Management Systems

We are committed to providing a consistent level of service and cleanliness to all our clients. That’s why we are certified to the international standards ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 45001 (Safety), and ISO 14001 (Environmental). Our management systems are created to ensure we can offer you a custom commercial cleaning service that adheres to all relevant quality, safety, and environmental policies.

Dedicated Service

Our team are proud of what they do, and this is demonstrated through the exceptional cleanliness and service we provide. When you choose to work with us, you will receive a dedicated Client Services Manager as your single point of contact at Zippy Cleaning. They are committed to ensuring all your commercial cleaning needs are met, whether for your regular, scheduled services or an ad-hoc request.

Chemical-Free Cleaning

Our standard procedures include environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices. We are also certified to ISO14001 (Environmental), so you can be sure that ecologically sustainable operations are at the core of our commercial cleaning business.

We proudly offer our customers chemical-free, hospital-grade cleaning and disinfecting options. Through Stabilised Aqueous Ozone technology and Nanocyn® micro-mist, we can provide water-based chemical-free cleaning and effective infection control anywhere, any time.

Toxin-free cleaning not only makes sense for our environment but for the health of our community. Our chemical-free cleaning services, products, and practices are safe to use around vulnerable people or those who suffer from allergies or other sensitivities

Security & Confidentiality

We are sensitive to the operating environment of your workplace and understand that security and confidentiality are paramount for government agencies and departments. You can rest assured that all our staff have a National Police clearance and have signed a confidentiality agreement to protect your sensitive information and classified material. Furthermore, we will ensure our commercial cleaning staff adhere to any additional security measures that you require.

Zippy Cleaning & Maintenance Pty Ltd have shown a very strong commitment to Workplace Health & Safety and Environmental Management. They have appropriate proven management systems to deliver the outcomes of the contract.

The cleaning services are being delivered to the agreed contract specifications. It has been a pleasure working with a professional organisation such as Zippy Cleaning.

Mick Willis
City of Charles Sturt

Trusted Commercial Cleaning Services

For over twenty years, federal, state, and local government agencies and departments have trusted us with their scheduled and specialised commercial cleaning services. We work with your people across compliance, safety, and reporting while providing great value, exceptional cleaning services.

Innovative Cleaning Solutions

Innovative Cleaning Solutions

Waste management & recycling

Recycling & Waste Management

Hospital Grade Disinfecting

Nanocyn Disinfecting

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Cleaning Services