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First impressions count; even before arriving at your venue, your guests are anticipating a welcoming and rewarding experience. Presenting a clean, tidy and organised café, restaurant or hotel confirms your favourable reputation for quality standards ... but it’s an ongoing undertaking.

Your kitchen staff and in-house team are giving their best to keep quality control systems in place, but they might benefit from a support network to ensure the cleanliness of your venue on a constant basis.

That’s where our team specialising in the hospitality industry can help, offering tailored solutions to keeping your business impeccable throughout. So, your staff are ready to greet the new arrivals, prepare for the next food service, and help your visitors feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

Let Us Wait On You

Guests attending a café, restaurant, hotel, motel, serviced apartment, pub, bar, nightclub, RSL, food court, dining room or country club are more likely to make a return visit, recommend your business to others, and write positive reviews about their experience, if your premises are well presented.

From small cafes to five-star hotels (and every kind of facility in between), we can provide front of house cleaning, housekeeping reporting, daily room attending, common area cleaning, refreshing of seating areas, waste management and recycling, disinfecting of bathrooms and restocking of consumables, and the washing and cleaning of hard floors, windows, carpets and upholstery, whilst paying attention to the smallest details and finishes.

We can maintain the cleanliness of your carpark, exterior fittings including the use of abseil techniques for multistorey buildings if required, high traffic areas such as foyers, stairwells, escalators and lifts, and keep on top of graffiti removal and prevention if it is a problem for your building.

Bacteria Be Gone

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Safe food service is vital in the hospitality industry, but the last thing your kitchen staff want to do at the end of a shift, is clean. However, a half-hearted washdown could quickly compromise the health of your premises and, in turn, your brand reputation. Our staff take pride in keeping hospitality businesses sparkling and sanitary from top-to-bottom and are highly trained in the unique requirements of hotel and food service cleaning of the Australia & New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Leave it to us to thoroughly and professionally banish bacteria from your commercial kitchen and bar, scrubbing everything from cutting boards and utensils, to equipment and appliances, and benchtops, floors and mats. Then, your team can take time after their busy shift to replenish their energy and return feeling focussed and prepared to present their best work again.

Chemical free, hospital-grade cleaning

Keeping your food preparation and front of house areas clean and hygienic around the clock is simple with our chemical free cleaning and disinfecting options. Our innovative system combines a cleaner that is more powerful than bleach with a sanitiser and disinfectant that is effective against 99.999% of viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Our system is approved by TGA Australia to deliver a hospital-grade standard of cleaning and disinfecting without any chemicals. That means it is safe to use around food and people, so you can keep your business clean, hygienic and safe without interrupting your operations.

Your Support Staff In Great Service

Our staff are security checked and screened to provide you with the security that the cleaning technicians working for you, are reliable and efficient. Our many years of experience mean we are proficient at choosing the right cleaning procedure to achieve the best results, the first time. Expanding your team to include our expertise will improve your business’ efficiencies and add to your customers’ experience.

The cleaning products used in our services are eco-friendly to keep your customers and staff safe, while minimising our impact on the environment.

In consultation with you, we can determine your business’ requirements and write a detailed, all-inclusive cleaning plan for your premises. Our services can be provided daily, attending discretely during busy periods or working in quieter times. Or we can come in after hours or overnight to work diligently to prepare your business for the next opening.

Call us today to talk to about how we can provide the best value cleaning solutions for your hospitality enterprise and support you and your team in providing your customers with an experience beyond their expectations.

First Impressions Count

The Zippy cleaning team is serious about helping hospitality businesses create a great and lasting impression for their guests. Our innovative commercial hospitality cleaning solutions deliver hospital-grade cleaning and disinfection without the use of chemicals. It is safe to use around food and people, so your hospitality business can keep operating while we’re keeping it clean.

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