Factory, Manufacturing, and Industrial Cleaning

Maintaining an industrial and manufacturing centre to proper work health and safety standards, or food production requirements, is an enormous undertaking. Among the busy operating schedule of your factory, it may be that some of the preventative maintenance and cleaning that should be carried out a regular basis, is being overlooked, which may result in equipment breakdowns and work stoppages later on.

Bring our trained and experienced industrial cleaners on-board to manage the unique cleaning challenges that are often present in factories and associated centres. Our team will work with you to determine the requirements of your facility and your business, using specialised industrial cleaning methods, equipment and products to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Meeting High Standards

A fresher looking and safer working environment will promote productivity among your employees and boost the positivity of your facility. Presenting your factory or manufacturing hub at its best enhances the reputation of your business and your brand for not only your staff, but also among the public, suppliers and other visitors to your centre.

There are various standards that need to be met among different manufacturing or production facilities, and we understand the importance of being attentive to best practice and WH&S procedures when conducting robust industrial cleaning in a busy, fast-paced environment, often around heavy machinery.

If you operate a food production plant, meeting hygiene standards such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is vital for your business and the health and safety of your products and your customers throughout the supply chain. We are proficient in delivering cleaning solutions across a range of sectors and can be of service to you in thoroughly undertaking daily sanitation activities or weekly breakdown cleaning across your factory, including food contact surfaces, equipment and utensils.

Cleaning Up In Every Challenge

Factories and manufacturing hubs are not the only facilities that require regular and detailed cleaning. Distribution centres, warehouses, offices, research areas, preparation areas and other zones also need to be kept immaculate.

There are many areas in an industrial building that are out of reach to most people, including awkward confined spaces and at heights. Some tasks might have to be completed in sub-zero or extremely hot conditions, and we are ready for those challenges.

Our cleaners have the tools and capabilities to clean exterior walls using abseil methods if required, roofs and ceilings, skylights, duct interiors, pipes, channels, vessels and other equipment, high voltage transformers, switch rooms, spray booths and most any other area of your facility, including regular disinfection of your kitchens and bathrooms and restocking of consumables.

Industrial Floor Cleaning

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Industrial flooring such as painted concrete can show significant deterioration and a heavy build-up of grime. A specialised cleaning process is usually required for hard flooring such as steel, tiles, concrete, and paved areas that do not respond to more commonplace sweeping, washing, and scrubbing. We can inspect your flooring and the amount of oils and grease, dust, or even tyre marks inside and out of the building and tailor the right cleaning practice to achieve the optimal result. Our techniques might include industrial steam cleaning, pressure cleaning, degreasing, acid washing and etching, mechanical scraping, and power scrubbing or sweeping.

Performing end-of-lease cleans for factories, workshops, warehouses and storage facilities is another of our specialities. Having your property professionally cleaned can better prepare the site for sale or a new tenant.

Industrial Cleaning Services To Suit Your Schedule

To minimise the effects of having your facility and equipment cleaned during operating hours, we can fit in with your factory’s scheduling to cause as little disruption as possible. We will partner with you to tailor an industrial cleaning package to suit your distinctive needs and provide guidance on the best cleaning methods to ensure we can do a great job every time.

Our industrial cleaners always have safety front of mind in all working environments – at heights, underground, in freezers and next to furnaces – using personal protective equipment and breathing apparatus as necessary.

Call us today to talk about our industrial cleaning services and how we can assist you with cleaning and keeping your factory, manufacturing or industrial facility operating at – and looking – its best.

Industrial Cleaning Made Easy

Industrial, manufacturing, and factory environments present unique cleaning challenges. Zippy has worked with factories, distribution centres, food manufacturers, labs and research facilities to keep their workplaces safe and squeaky clean for over thirty years. With experience like that, you can be sure that you can rely on our highly experienced commercial cleaning team to ensure your facility is maintained to the highest standard.

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