Darwin locals know best when it comes to commercial cleaning in The Top End.

Providing a thorough and effective commercial cleaning service in humid environments like Darwin and The Top End, requires the proper knowledge, expertise and equipment. Humid climates present particular challenges to commercial cleaners, notably mould and carpet cleaning.

Posted on September 05, 2022

After tropical rains in The Top End, including Darwin, it can also be hard to keep your outdoor areas looking spik and span. Extended periods of heavy rains result in residues on windows, pavers and external walls.

You may think the commercial cleaning industry must rely on hefty chemicals in the Northern Territory. This is not true of all commercial cleaning companies. It is possible to achieve hospital-grade infection control and mould-free environments with environmentally friendly products and practices.

Darwin, humidity and mould

Mould isn’t just unsightly. It can also cause a variety of health problems. Mould produces allergens, irritants and even toxic substances. Breathing in mould spores can trigger allergic reactions such as sneezing, running nose, red eyes and skin rash. It has even been known to bring on asthma attacks.

In Darwin and The Top End, mould is a fact of life. The damp, hot weather and continual rain mean that mould can creep into even the most well-ventilated areas. The best way to deal with mould is to ensure it doesn’t appear in the first place. Regular commercial cleaning will ensure your business stays mould free. Our experienced commercial cleaning team in Darwin knows all the tricks for keeping mould at bay. They will work with you to tailor a scheduled cleaning service to suit your business and ensure your premises stay safe and mould-free.

Why steam cleaning doesn’t work in Darwin

Traditionally, steam cleaning was considered the best way to give carpets a deep clean. Steam cleaning uses hot water to extract dirt, grime and stains from your carpets. It is a very effective method, but it requires time for carpets to dry before you can use the area again. The challenge in humid climates like Darwin is that carpets can take longer to dry after a steam clean, especially in poorly ventilated areas.

However, it is still essential to keep your carpets clean, fresh and free of dust mites, bacteria, allergens and odours, especially in commercial and health care settings. Luckily, commercial carpet cleaning technology and methods have advanced. We can easily keep your carpets clean and fresh using ‘dry’ carpet cleaning and encapsulation cleaning techniques.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning uses specialised equipment and absorbent, crystallising polymers that are scrubbed into the carpet and then immediately vacuumed up. The polymers attract and encapsulate grime and dirt leaving the carpet fresh, clean and immediately dry.

Pressure cleaning and graffiti removal in Darwin

During the wet season in Darwin, outdoor areas can take a real beating. Sometimes staying on top of your business’s outdoor areas can seem like a never-ending task. Long periods of tropical rain followed by intense heat encourages residues and moulds to build up on windows, pavers and walls.

Pressure cleaning can make your commercial or industrial property sparkle. Pressure cleaning is a simple, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to transform your business’s external areas from filthy to fabulous in no time.

Graffiti can be a real blight on your clean and safe image. Our specialised outdoor cleaners have the knowledge and expertise to clean up unauthorised graffiti attacks on your business quickly and effectively.

Chemical-free cleaning in the top end

With so many areas of natural beauty in the Northern Territory, it’s no surprise that we are all increasingly concerned about our environmental impact. The commercial cleaning industry is no exception. At Zippy, we always look for innovative, environmentally sustainable cleaning solutions to offer to our clients.

We use Stabilised Aqueous Ozone technology to provide a solution that is chemical-free, toxin-free, and environmentally-friendly, yet it is more powerful than any bleach or chlorine-based cleaners, stain removers and germ killers. It is safe for use around people and food products.

We are also proud to be able to offer 100% chemical-free, hospital-grade disinfecting and sanitising, approved by the Australian TGA. This revolutionary disinfectant and sanitiser is delivered as a fine mist and kills 99.999% of known pathogens (including COVID-19), and it is safe to use around people, food, equipment, and technology.

Used together, these systems create a safe and healthy environment for all individuals, including people sensitive to chemicals and allergens. Our chemical-free cleaning is ideal for healthcare, hospitality, education, government settings, and any situation where safety and the environment are important to people.

We are the commercial cleaning experts in Darwin

When it comes to commercial cleaning in Darwin, it pays to know experts. Our highly skilled team understands the challenges of the climate in the Northern Territory not only because they live with it every day, but they have many years of experience and expertise. We also invest in the latest training and equipment to ensure we can keep your business looking its best - inside and out.

As Darwin locals, we are passionate about looking after our environment. We are committed to sustainability, and our standard procedures include environmentally-friendly cleaning products and responsible waste management practices. Contact our Darwin office to see how we can help keep your business clean.