Office Cleaning Services for the Holidays.

Maintaining a sparkling clean office with a hectic end-of-year schedule and workplace parties can be a real challenge. Nevertheless, keeping the office clean and safe for your team and your visitors is important.

That doesn’t mean to say you should be a grinch and ban Christmas from the office. After all, it’s an excellent opportunity to have some fun and show your appreciation to your team. The easiest way to maintain a professional yet festive office is to hire a commercial cleaning service.

Posted on October 19, 2022

A professional cleaning service will ensure your office has a bright, clean atmosphere every morning, regardless of the shenanigans the day before. So, let your team enjoy the festivities, and we’ll look after the mess.

Advantages of using a commercial cleaning service

Maintaining a clean, safe and healthy workplace is essential for a happy, productive team. Using a professional office cleaning service to keep your office clean is one of the simplest investments you can make in your business. Regular office cleaning combined with periodical deep cleaning will keep your office sparkling clean and your team happy and productive.

At Zippy, we tailor our services to suit your needs and budget. Our office cleaning services include everything from regular surface and floor cleaning to scheduled sanitation services, kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and waste management. Our low allergen, chemical-free cleaning options will ensure your office is safe and hygienically clean for all your staff and visitors.

End of year deep clean

Treat your office to a professional deep clean this Christmas. A fresh, clean, hygienic office in the new year will help your staff feel motivated and more productive. You’ll be kicking goals before you know it.

A holiday deep clean is more than just surface cleaning. It includes thorough cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising of all areas of your office, from floors and work surfaces to bathrooms, kitchens, conference rooms, foyers, lifts, door handles and more.

If your office closes for the Christmas season, that is the perfect time to organise your office deep clean. Our professional cleaners will come into your office like magical elves and make it fresh, clean, safe and hygienic, ready for the new year.

Getting your office ready for the holiday deep clean

You can do a few simple things to make sure you get the most out of your professional deep clean.

Designated eating and gathering area

Getting your team out from behind their desks and into a conference room or breakout area for a celebration doesn’t just keep the mess under control; it helps them to unwind.

Dressing up the conference room or breakout area with simple Christmas decorations (see the next point) will create a fun atmosphere where staff can relax a little and enjoy the holidays.

Using a designated area for eating, drinking, and general merriment will help stop the spread of crumbs and mess throughout the office and limit any accidental spills to one location. In addition, your commercial cleaner can apply the right cleaning practices in the right places.

Keep decorations simple

It wouldn’t be Christmas without decorations! Hanging decorations is a great way to bring a festive feel to the office and lift everyone’s spirits. But no one likes cleaning up the mess come January, do they?

Keep decorations simple and limit items that leave a mess behind. Tinsel, glitter and fake snow are the worst offenders when it comes to Christmas decoration mess. Instead, opt for colourful baubles, wreaths, Santa hats, and even balloons. Why not try some flower arrangements or potted poinsettias to add a splash of bright red and green throughout the office? Then, when it comes time to close the office for the break, give them to your team to take home and enjoy.

Desktop organisation

Ask your team to ensure their work area is tidy and organised so your cleaners can adequately clean and sanitise desk spaces.

Clear desks or neatly organised piles are much easier to clean around. Be sure to clear away all dishes, sticky notes and knick-knacks. An organised desk space allows your cleaning crew to thoroughly clean desktops for a clean, fresh and hygienic office in the new year.

Things to do before you close the office for the year

To avoid any nasty surprises and bad smells in January, here’s a checklist of things to do before you close the doors this year:

  • Empty all the rubbish, including desk bins
  • Make sure no one has any dishes on their desk
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Call the cleaners!

Leave the mess to the professional cleaners this Christmas

Why not sit back and enjoy yourself this festive season? Our professional commercial cleaning team is here to keep your business premises sparkling clean throughout the festivities. Whether you need a post-party clean up, annual deep clean or a regular commercial cleaning service, you can count on us.