Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Zippy Cleaning has more than 30 years’ experience cleaning and maintaining all types of carpets and floor coverings in commercial situations, including public and government buildings, offices, medical centres, and hotels. We also take care of carpet in residential settings such as aged care facilities and apartments.


Whether your flooring is long or short pile, wool or synthetic carpet, mats, carpet tiles, or artificial grass, Zippy will ensure it is kept healthy and in good condition. Cleaning carpets to remove dirt, grime and stains is vital to providing a fresh, healthy and hygienic workplace that is free from dust mites, bacteria, allergens, and odours. The process also prolongs the life of the carpet and helps to maintain a professional and aesthetic workplace.


Carpet cleaning can be achieved through several methods, but getting the best outcomes requires both experience and expertise to apply the right technique. Our fully licenced staff and commercial cleaners have a thorough understanding of the solutions and processes available for cleaning carpets, as well as what works best for each variation and type of carpet or floor covering. Our vast commercial experience means we are also experts in spot and emergency cleaning, as well as managing and improving usage trouble spots, such as high traffic and regular spill areas.


Our commercial carpet cleaning services can be tailored to your business needs. We can provide different service levels and tailored solutions that schedule regular or periodic cleaning, a full clean or part clean, as well as upon-request spill cleaning. To minimise disruption to your business, our cleaning services can be conducted at a time that best suits you, which might be after hours, during holidays, weekends, or other specified times.


Our carpet cleaning method often involves several techniques, including targeted stain removal systems, steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, or encapsulation cleaning.

Our targeted stain removal is usually the first step in cleaning carpets and includes treating stains such as ground-in dirt, oil and grease, coffee and tea spills, paint, soft drink and juice spills, lipstick, ink, and other unidentifiable discolourations or marks. Once any stains and marks have been addressed, then the carpet can be cleaned using the selected cleaning methods, depending on the carpet and its condition.


Hot water extraction is the method often referred to in the cleaning industry as ‘steam cleaning’. This more traditional technique is still used in certain circumstances where a deeper clean is required to produce the best result.


Newer to the commercial carpet cleaning sector are dry carpet cleaning methods known as very low moisture systems. Our dry carpet cleaning involves the use of specialised cleaning machines together with an absorbent, biodegradable cleaning compound that is machine scrubbed into the carpet pile. The compound attracts the dirt and grime, and dries, which can then be vacuumed off, leaving the carpet fresh, clean, and dry. The main advantage of this type of carpet cleaning is that the carpet can be put back into service quicker than wet-extraction systems, as it requires less labour and has a rapid drying time.


The most recent advancement in dry carpet cleaning has come in the form of encapsulation cleaning. This involves the use of crystallising polymers to attract, surround and encapsulate dirt, grime and detergent. The carpet can then be immediately vacuumed and is available for use. The encapsulation method also helps puts an end to moisture wicking (where residual dirt moves to the top of the pile as it dries), re-soiling (where detergent residue attracts more dirt to the fibres), recurrent spill stains (coming from under the carpet), and other problems associated with commercial carpets. Our encapsulation cleaning is ideally suited to commercial carpet cleaning, is better for the environment, faster, and keeps your carpets cleaner for longer.

Our knowledgeable and experienced commercial carpet cleaners can provide you with the best approach and methods to suit your carpets.

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Commercial Cleaning

We tailor our commercial cleaning services to a variety of industries across South Australia and the Northern Territory; including federal, state and local Government departments, health centres and aged care facilities, education facilities, corporate office buildings, and commercial properties, both big and small.