Commercial Window Cleaning

You take pride in keeping your property’s kitchen and bathrooms clean and presentable, but have you considered if your windows and external fittings are conveying the same professionalism for your employees and visitors?

Your property may have windows that are difficult to reach, and you may have considered that cleaning the glass high up might be too problematic, but you need not feel daunted by the task. Zippy Cleaning has over 25 years’ experience and expertise in commercial window cleaning!

Zippy’s window cleaners are fully trained and licenced to perform specialised window cleaning services including rope-access abseil work for high-rise external glass, allowing us to thoroughly clean the most challenging areas of the loftiest buildings in the safest manner.

See Clearly, Breath Easy

Commercial window cleaning is a vital part of maintaining your property for many reasons. Having a clear view can make your business more comfortable and appealing is an important reason – doubly so if you have a beautiful view to admire, or products to showcase.

In addition, window glass is a porous surface that absorbs dirt and grime from harsh environmental pollutants including salt water spray or hard water, acidic rain, oxidation, rust and minerals. These elements build up on glass over time and cause it to degrade, leading to permanent damage of your windows in the form of cracks and stains. Regular commercial window cleaning can prevent this from happening.

Calling in an expert like Zippy to manage the regular deep cleaning of your windows will keep your property looking vibrant inside and out, while extending the life of your windows and saving you time and money in having the glass repaired or replaced. Routine cleaning allows more sunlight into your building, which increases thermal efficiency and helps to manage heating costs.

Sanitising and removing debris from your windows can also improve the wellbeing of your employees and visitors, as bacteria that collects on the glass can circulate into the air of your property, potentially having a negative impact on people susceptible to respiratory conditions, asthma, and allergies.

A New Level Of Clean

commercial window cleaning Adelaide window cleaners

Using abseil techniques to clean otherwise inaccessible windows at heights of more than 20 metres requires specialist training and equipment to manage the task safely and at the highest quality standard.

Abseil cleaning of high-rise external windows using rope access methods is a flexible and cost-effective choice that allows access to all areas of your building without the need for expensive, unsightly and inconvenient scaffolding or building maintenance units. Our window cleaners can quickly set themselves up for the job, and minimise disruption to your business.

Crystal Clear Results

Our commercial window cleaning specialists have a good understanding of different window types and how to clean them properly. To ensure your glass is clean and well maintained, our staff will choose the best glass-friendly cleaning solution and use correct and careful techniques to remove dirt and other substances, such as sticky residues and adhesives, bird droppings, and cobwebs. Your glass is not the only thing that will be washed; we will also clean window frames and sills, and external grilles, vents and air conditioning units.

We can also provide sparkling results in undertaking a full cleaning service to include partitions, glass ceilings, front entries, facades, external lifts, and lower level internal and external windows. We take care in looking after feature windows such as stained glass, ensuring the glass is sound before attempting to clean it. We will use ammonia-free soap to gently clean the leaded glass, as commercial window cleaning solutions can cause a chemical reaction with the coloured filler compounds, leading to structural damage of the window.

Zippy can review your commercial window cleaning requirements and determine a schedule of regular or periodic cleaning, at a frequency to suit you. Or, your windows can be cleaned fully or in-part upon request.

Whether you require cleaning of your ground-floor store-front windows, or high rise windows, call us today to see how our window cleaners can keep your windows sparkling clean.

How's Your View?

We've been keeping windows sparkling clean for government and private clients for over twenty years. Our specialised window cleaners are trained to work safely at heights, including rope-access abseil work, so you can rely on us to keep even the highest windows clean and clear. We offer commercial window cleaning as a stand-alone service or integrated into your scheduled cleaning program as required.

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