Graffiti Removal

To maintain the cleanliness, presentation and soundness of your building and public space Zippy can remove graffiti from any surface, including brick, sandstone, granite, concrete, wood, render, canvas, glass, metal, painted surfaces, and more.

We are available as required and at short notice for emergency work to quickly and effectively clean the painted area, minimise the damage caused by the attack, and discourage further graffiti from occurring.

Maintain Your Clean Image

Unauthorised graffiti defaces your property and its clean and safe image. ‘Taggers’ leave their marks in as many places as possible, which often attracts competing vandals to add their own logo. The prompt and ongoing removal of graffiti is your best defence against recurrent acts of vandalism.

Paint and oil spills can happen by accident, but vandals often aim to cause maximum damage. The good news is that when graffiti is removed properly and in a timely manner, it need not be a permanent scar on your property in the form of stains or erosion of the vandalised surface.

Protecting the surfaces of your building is of the utmost importance. It is imperative to remove the graffiti as soon as possible after noticing the attack, as the longer the offending substance is left on the surface, the more difficult it is to remove.

Caring For Your Property

graffiti removal Adelaide commercial cleaning

Before we begin to remove the graffiti from your property, we will evaluate the substances used in the attack and determine how it is affecting the surface underneath. Using the correct graffiti removal technique for the different paint types and other mediums used is vital to avoiding inappropriate product selection, which can lead to structural problems such as rising salt damp and premature brick crumbling. We will conduct a patch test on a small area of the graffiti to be removed before working on the larger area.

Our fully licenced staff and contractors have an expert knowledge of how to apply the products and paint solvents required to complete the job effectively. Spray paint, for example, penetrates deeply into porous masonry walls like brick, concrete, sandstone and granite, and needs to be slowly and carefully drawn out with the right technology to avoid degrading the original surface.

You will be provided with a quote and a description of the process we will undertake to clean the area. Consideration will be given to any special requirements of your site, such as the delicate cleaning necessary on heritage buildings. We understand that the historic surfaces such as stonework will not withstand the powerful and potentially hazardous solvents often used in conjunction with abrasive processes to eliminate graffiti. In these instances, some chemical cleaning agents can be used in conjunction with an inert poultice material, which draws the paint pigment out of the substrate to enable its removal.

Safe Working

Calling on Zippy to support your business with the removal of graffiti means you can avoid the potentially hazardous aspects of the job. We will appropriately manage the logistics of completing the work, and carefully handle the chemical solutions. We provide our staff with all of the Personal Protective Equipment required to safely undertake the graffiti removal work.

Call us today to discuss your queries about removing graffiti on your property and preventing ongoing acts of vandalism.

Fuss-Free Graffiti Removal

Whether it's a small tag or a larger piece of 'art', we can remove graffiti from any surface, including brick, sandstone, granite, concrete, wood, render, canvas, glass, metal, painted surfaces, and more. You can count on us to be there at short notice for emergency graffiti removal.

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