Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning

Your property’s hard-surface flooring can be one of its best features, but high foot traffic and consequent denting and scratching means it can get dirty quickly and grime can easily build up, affecting not only the appearance of the floor but its protection and longevity.

Create a safe and healthy environment for your employees and visitors by enlisting Zippy’s expertise in properly cleaning and maintaining floating timber floorboards, tiles, marble, vinyl or linoleum, stone, pavers, concrete and any other sealed hard flooring at your commercial or industrial facilities.

Our Service Will Floor You

Gleaming floors can signify that the businesses within the property are prosperous and professional. It is good to know, then, that hard floor surfaces are durable and should last for decades with regular deep cleaning to ensure the commercial flooring is hygienic and kept in the beautiful, bright condition that is expected.

Our fully licenced cleaning staff understand the different cleaning requirements across the various types of hard flooring, and have an in-depth the knowledge of the right products and processes to keep your commercial flooring looking great and performing well.

We have the right equipment to thoroughly but gently machine scrub, buff and polish your flooring to remove dirt, allergens, mildew and grime. Our machinery can clean, strip and seal uneven and smooth floors, alike, ensuring a sparkling finish. We will dry the floor to prevent slips and falls, and can conduct slip tests on the freshly-cleaned surface to make sure it is safe.

You can rely on us to keep other areas of your commercial property cleaner than they have ever been, too. Your bathrooms, toilets, foyers, external areas including steps and walkways, escalators and lifts can all be sparkling and hygienic with our regular care.

We can remove grease and other materials that rapidly collect in porous grout, and clean away stains from other surfaces using an acid wash or pressure cleaning technique. Promptly cleaning up spills will prevent the substance from discolouring the floor or grout, and spare you from having to conduct a second stain removal process later on.

Let Us Do The Hard Work

Adelaide hard floor cleaning commercial

We can clean and dry all of your building’s hard floor surfaces either upon request, or as part of a schedule determined in consultation with you to set the best time-frame. Routine cleaning of hard floors prevents abrasive sand, grit and dirt from collecting on the surface, helping your floors to keep a shine for much longer.

Whenever possible, hard surface floor cleaning is completed at the quietest time for pedestrian and office traffic to minimise disruption to the workplace. Our experienced cleaning staff will evaluate the time and work required based on the condition of the floor, and discuss any tasks to be attended to prior to the cleaning job such as moving or lifting furniture. We will take care of any council paperwork that needs to be completed, as well as ensure that policies and procedures or guidelines are adhered to.

Call us today to talk about our commercial floor cleaning services and how we can keep your hard flooring clean and looking great.

Breathe New Life Into Your Hard Floors

We are the experts in bringing your hard floors back to life. We can clean and dry all of your building's hard floor surfaces, including floating timber floorboards, tiles, marble, vinyl or linoleum, stone, pavers, concrete and any other sealed hard flooring. Whether you need regular commercial floor cleaning or a deep clean upon request, we have all the right skills, expertise and equipment to care for your hard floors.

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