Hygiene Cleaning & Sanitation

You will have peace of mind that the cleanliness of your premises’ facilities is being fully managed when you employ Zippy to provide scheduled hygiene and sanitation services.

Such A Relief

Having fresh and tidy bathrooms, among the most used amenities in any building, is essential for businesses and properties of all sizes, and creates a favourable impression about your site. The cleanliness of your office bathroom reflects your company’s culture; demonstrating how well you care for your employees and tenants, and helping to make visitors feel more at ease.

You can be confident that we will manage the supply and service of feminine hygiene waste bins, including understated touch-free units that are comfortable to use and provide superior hygiene protection; nappy bins to offer anti-bacterial protection from germs and odours; and specialised bins for the safe disposal of sharps and used injecting equipment.

We can also furnish your facilities with wall-mounted automatic air fresheners for practical and economical odour control; and urinal and toilet sanitisers, and toilet seat protectors to encourage hygiene and improve staff and customer comfort and care.

Properties with gravity-draining waterless urinals installed can take advantage of our service to clean and maintain the systems. These urinals and other toilets will be regularly deep cleaned to prevent the build-up of uric acid, which results in unpleasant odours. A high-grade concentrated disinfectant is used with a broad bacterial kill spectrum to guarantee efficient and superior results.

Providing Practical Protection

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A focus on hand hygiene is particularly important in maintaining the health and wellbeing of your workforce by preventing the rapid spread of the hundreds of different species of bacteria that teem in public bathrooms, potentially causing gastrointestinal viruses, enteric pathogens, skin and respiratory complaints, and fungal infections.

Close attention is given to the touch zone hotspots of bacterial infection your bathrooms, the areas where germs commonly breed and can be easily transmitted. These hotspots include stall latches, balance rails, toilet seats and flush buttons, soap dispenser levers, paper towel dispenser levers or knobs, hand dryer buttons, taps, door handles or knobs, push plates, and light switches.

Hassle-Free Sanitation Service

Our Client Services Managers can customise a service schedule at a frequency to meet your requirements and budget for our hygiene contractors to ensure your bathrooms and other wet areas are hygienic and safe.

We can also offer a range of sanitation products that will further enhance the simplicity of leaving your hygiene management in our hands. By partnering with us, the restocking of your bathroom dispensers becomes hassle-free. We will service your bathrooms with consumables including paper products such as toilet paper, hand towel and tissues made from recycled material; hand soap and sanitiser products of your choice to suit a number of different applications and environments; and tea towel and linen amenities.

We encourage you to ‘set and forget’ the sanitation needs of your organisation, which we understand can be a time-consuming task, and be assured that our cleaning staff will ensure these services are running smoothly at all times. Any waste created from our commercial cleaning services will be disposed of in a responsible manner.

Call us today to ensure your workplace bathrooms and facilities are hygienic and safe - no matter how many people frequent them.

Set & Forget Your Hygiene Cleaning

Our tailor-made hygiene and sanitation services keep your bathrooms and facilities sparkling clean, as well as restocking toilet paper, hand towels and tissues, hand soap and sanitiser products. Our extensive knowledge and experience in providing commercial hygiene cleaning ensures your results.

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