Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Revamp the appearance of your commercial or industrial property from lacklustre and grubby to brilliant and welcoming by employing our pressure cleaning services. As part of our repertoire of cleaning strategies, we can use our water blasting technology to thoroughly remove mould, mud, dust, dirt, stubborn stains, grease and flaking paint from hard building surfaces, returning your property to its former glory.

Transform Your Property From Filthy To Fabulous

Pressure cleaning is a simple and cost-effective method of removing years of built up pollution, grime, water stains and sticky residues from the hard surfaces of your property without causing damage to the building. The vibrant outcome achieved by pressure cleaning is an important part of preparing a commercial or residential property for sale or lease, transforming its appearance, adding value, and improving the functionality and safety of the building for customers and workers.

All hard surfaces can benefit from high and low-pressure cleaning, using hot or cold water as suitable for the application. We have many years of experience in making surfaces look like new again, including building facades, fascia and eves, brickwork, concrete, paving and pathways, footpaths, decking, stone, tiled areas with grout, walls, driveways, weatherboards and vinyl cladding, factory floors, warehouses, gutters and roofs, patios and verandahs, tennis courts and other sporting surfaces, and more.

We Do Our Best Work Under Pressure

If you have ever tried to conduct your own pressure cleaning using a DIY machine, particularly indoors, you might have been left with a puddly mess. Commercial pressure cleaning involves more than just blasting water around. Depending on the cleaning requirements, our trained staff can use our industrial grade pumps to apply hot and cold water at varying pressures to rejuvenate all hard surfaces, inside and out. With the aid of the vacuum functions on our equipment, we can manage the entire cleaning process including water drainage, waste capture and recovery. The professional results will ensure your property is left in a tidy and immediately usable state.

If any delicate surfaces are identified as not being suitable to withstand high pressure water, we will talk with you about the potential risks and offer a safe alternative cleaning method when needed to prevent damage.

We have the knowledge and expertise to manage larger commercial projects, including jobs on the side of high-rise buildings, with the same care given to smaller cleaning tasks and those at ground level.

We will conduct the necessary risk assessments before commencing the task, paying full attention to safe work methods throughout for the peace of mind of our clients and our team.

If it best suits your property, we can conduct the pressure cleaning out of hours to minimise disruption to your staff and your business. As part of the job, we can protect the public and passing traffic as necessary by cordoning off sections to be cleaned.

Biodegradable products are used in conjunction with our specialised equipment to enhance the environmental friendliness of our pressure cleaning.

Call us today to talk about the surfaces in and around your property that are in need of a revamp. We look forward to helping you to determine how pressure cleaning can be an effective method of restoring the appearance of your building.

Blast Away Dust & Grime

Are your commercial floors looking a little flat? Does your car parking area have oil spots? Are your pathways covered with stubborn stains or mould? Our commercial pressure cleaning services rejuvenate hard surfaces with brilliant results both inside and out.

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