Specialised Cleaning Services

To keep your commercial property clean and inviting, it may require targeted periodic services, beyond the standard scope of vacuuming and dusting, to prevent minor messes from accumulating into big problems.


Indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the outdoors, so ensuring a clean working environment is crucial to maintaining the wellbeing of your employees, tenants and visitors.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and sanitising high traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms leaves little chance for dust mites, pollen, mould, mildew, and bacteria and viruses to develop and potentially cause illnesses, interrupting the productivity of your business.

The health benefits of a fresh office go beyond the physical, with many people reportedly feeling more motivated in a newly-cleaned area.


Some buildings need to meet strict standards in regard to levels of hygiene and operational practices, or environmental standards. If this is your business, you will benefit from joining an increasing number of clients that are relying on the specialised commercial cleaning services that Zippy has the skills and experience to provide, ensuring your property is presented at its best.

Some of our services include cleaning jobs that are potentially hazardous, and require specialised training and licenses to perform. We will take care of the risk assessment and management of the job, leaving you to enjoy the sparkling results.


Our specialised commercial cleaning services also include several jobs that property owners would find too cumbersome to manage without professional support. Thorough and regular cleaning of your property’s surfaces and fittings will prolong the life of the materials, saving you the worry of costly repairs and replacements due to deterioration.

We have all the right equipment and knowledge to clean your windows and surrounding fixtures, inside and out, at ground level and up high, using abseil rope-access methods.

We can keep your carpets and other synthetic flooring fresh and hygienic using a variety of methods to achieve a great outcome. Likewise, your hard floors can shine with our strip and seal techniques for vinyl flooring, and ride-on machine scrubbing.

Your tiled floors, bathrooms and kitchens and other wet areas can be deep cleaned and disinfected, and pressure cleaning is our forte. Hard-to-reach dust is no match for our staff, either.

Outside of your property, we can also keep your car park and outdoor area clean and tidy, including machine sweeping, blower vacuuming, and collecting litter. If graffiti is a problem for your property, we can attend to its removal and prevention.


In consultation with you, we will identify your priorities and tailor a specific program for specialised cleaning that suits your budget.

Our services are available periodically at a frequency that suits you, from monthly to annually. By setting a schedule, you can ‘set and forget’ your specialised cleaning service, and your Client Services Manager will arrange for the program to be performed at your premises as they are due. Alternatively, you can choose to organise services on request. Our services can be conducted outside of business hours to minimise disruption to your workspace.

Call us today to see how we can assist you with our specialised commercial cleaning services, or speak to us about any of your other cleaning requirements.

Commercial Cleaning

We tailor our commercial cleaning services to a variety of industries across South Australia and the Northern Territory; including federal, state and local Government departments, health centres and aged care facilities, education facilities, corporate office buildings, and commercial properties, both big and small.